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an Art Director who loves to write


a Copywriter who loves to draw

Currently based in Oslo 

Studying @ Westerdals ACT

About us

All good ideas starts with a sketch

We’re always looking for ways to elevate our work and express our creativity, but sometimes the idea is just as good as the first thing you put down on paper.


Welcome to our sketchbook!

Proud moments



Årets Gullkalv (NO) “Work of the year”: Spot the details 

Gold - Unexpected media: Spot the details

Gold - OOH: Spot the details 

Gold - Digital: Spot the details 

Gold - Campaign: Dove’s most reported campaign

Gold - Audio: Frequency shuffle 

Silver - Digital: Dove’s most reported campaign

Bronse - OOH: Extremely statable ads

Bronse - Unexpected media: Extremely statable ads


The one show 

Young Ones

Gold - Social Media: Dove’s most reported campaign 

Silver - Integrated campaign: Dove’s most reported campaign 

Bronze - Interactive, online & mobile: Dove’s most reported campaign 



Merit - Advertising for good: Make yourself a sandwich 

Merit - Packaging Design: Spin the conversation 



Silver - Student OOH: Extremely skateable ads



Student of the year

Gold - student: Spin the conversation 

Bronze - student: Make yourself a sandwich 


American advertising awards

Best of show - Student: Make yourself a sandwich 

Silver - Social media: Make yourself a sandwich 




New Blood

Yellow pencil: Make yourself a sandwich 


New Blood Portfolio

Winner: This website ;)



Commercial work of the year: SoundClout 

Gold - Audio: SoundClout 

Gold - Campaign: Spin the conversation 

Silver - Campaign: Make yourself a sandwich 

Silver - OOH: Varmtvannstanker (NO) 

Silver - Social media: Make yourself a sandwich

Bronze - Film: Don’t tell me

Bronze - Audio: Gi den regnskapsføreren fyken (NO)

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